New Student Info

New students of all ages and levels of fitness are welcome and encouraged to attend.  It is very important that new students arrive at least 15 minutes before class. You need to be briefed by the instructor to insure that your first class is safe and enjoyable. Do not come to class on an empty stomach as this may cause a sudden drop in blood sugar level. Don’t have a full stomach. Eat just enough (or early enough) to keep your blood sugar level steady and to absorb stomach acid. Be sure to begin drinking water 2-3 hours before class. The better hydrated you are, the better you will deal with the effects of the heat.

All students should bring the following items: yoga mat, large bath size towel, water or beverage of choice, and appropriate clothing.  Water and beverages are available for sale and mats and towels are available for rent. Women should wear a stretch short or tight with a sports bra. Men can wear lined shorts, board shorts, or speedos (jogging shorts are not recommended).  Tee shirts are optional. There is a variety of yoga clothing available for sale at the studio. Remember, the temperature in the room will be approximately 105 degrees. You will sweat a lot!

There are some rules of yoga etiquette. When entering the yoga room, remove your shoes and leave your cell phone outside.  You don’t have to be completely quiet, but try to minimize the noise. Do not obstruct another students’ mirror space. Be courteous and make room to accommodate others. Finally, please avoid the use of fragrances to include perfume, ointments, and nicotine.

Your first class will be challenging.  There’s lots of information to absorb, you’re still getting acclimated to the heat, and things can seem overwhelming.  Don’t worry.  It will all seem familiar soon enough.  After a few classes you become more familiar with the postures, your body starts to get used to the heat, and you start to become aware of noticeable improvements in flexibility, balance, and fitness.  This is only the beginning of the profound effect the yoga will have on your body and your life as a whole.  Try to take as many classes as you can when you’re starting out to allow the benefits of the yoga to realize their maximum effect.  Good luck!